Section 8 Notice

What Is A Section 8 Notice To Quit?

A section 8 notice to quit is a notice that is served on a tenant that has breached one or more of the conditions set out under their tenancy agreement.  The most common reason for serving a section 8 notice to quit on a tenant is rent arrears.  When a section 8 notice to quit is served the landlord needs to specify the grounds they are seeking possession on.

There are 17 Grounds a landlord may select from and some of the most common have been covered and detailed briefly below:

Ground 8: The tenant owes at least two months rent (in the case of a monthly tenancy) when the landlord served notice that he or she wanted possession, and still owes two months’ rent at the date of the court hearing if issued with possession proceedings.

Ground 10: The tenant was behind with his or her rent when the landlord served notice and also when he or she began court proceedings.

Ground 11: If the tenant was not behind with the rent when the landlord started proceedings, he or she had been persistently behind with the rent.

What Other Grounds Can Be Used Under A Section 8 Notice To Quit

One or more of the following  grounds may be used if there has been misconduct by the tenant other than persistant rent arrears

Ground 12: The tenant has broken one or more of his obligations under their tenancy agreement. The landlord will need to quote the appropriate clause(s) in the assured shorthold tenancy.

Ground 13: The condition of the premises or any common part has deteriorated due to the behaviour of the tenant, his sub-tenant, or anyone else living with the tenant. This can also be applied to detrimental actions by a pet or visitor.

Ground 14: The tenant, a sub-tenant or a visitor has been guilty of conduct which has caused, or is likely to cause, a nuisance or annoyance to the neighbours, or has been convicted of using the property, or allowing it to be used, for immoral or illegal purposes, or has committed an arrestable offence in or near the dwelling.

Ground 15: The condition of the furniture, fixtures, cabinets or other property in the dwelling has deteriorated, because it has been ill-treated by the tenant, his sub-tenant, or someone else living there or visiting there.

Are There Any Other Grounds That May Be Used Under The Section 8 Notice To Quit?

Ground 1: The landlord formerly lived in, or intends to live in, the property as his or her only or principal home.

Ground 2: The mortgage lender is claiming possession of the property.

Ground 3: The tenancy is a holiday let, and it was previously let only for a holiday.

Ground 4: The tenancy is a student let, and it was previously let only to students.

Ground 5: The property is held for use by a minister of religion.

Ground 6: The landlord intends to redevelop the property.

Ground 7: The tenant has died (unless there is a person with a right to succeed).

Ground 9: Suitable alternative accommodation is available.

Ground 16: The tenant was granted use of the property in order to fulfill his or her employment duties, but is no longer employed by the landlord.

Ground 17: The landlord was induced to grant the tenancy by a false statement made knowingly or recklessly by the tenant

Serve A Section 8 Notice To Quit Now

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